Delete and Recreate Dial-Up Network Connections - VZAccess® Manager (BlackBerry®)

Delete Existing Connection
Recreate the Dial-Up Connection


Delete Existing Connection

  1. From the Windows desktop, locate and double-click on the VZAccess Manager icon.
    Note Alternatively, you may click Start > Programs (All Programs) > VZAccess Manager.
  2. From the top menu select Tools > Control Panels > Network and Dial-up Connections.
    Navigating to Network and Dial-up Connections Control Panel
  3. Right-click on the desired connection then select Delete.
    Network and Dial-up Connections Control Panel
  4. Click Yes.




Recreate the Dial-Up Connection

  1. From the VZAccess Manager top menu select Options > Run Wizard.
    Navigating to Run Wizard
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select Detect WWAN device only (1xEVDO / 1xRTT / CDMA) then click Next.
    Wi-Fi / WWAN Detection screen
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select USB port then click Next.
  6. Ensure that the BlackBerry handheld is connected to the computer and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is open with a status of Connected then click Next.
    Find Wireless Device screen
  7. Click Yes.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter the 10-digit mobile number in the Phone number: field then click Next.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Select the NationalAccess / BroadbandAccess network connection then click Connect.
    VZAccess Manger main screen, Status: Not Connected