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Add, Edit or Remove Parent/Child Roles - FamilyBase™ - Apple® iOS

Note To perform the steps below, you'll need to:

  • ensure that the FamilyBase app is installed.
    Note The My Verizon app can also be used, however, the process may differ from the steps below.
    Note This function isn't currently available for the new Verizon Plans and the new My Verizon app. You can also control FamilyBase on
  • sign in using a My Verizon user ID or mobile number that has Account Owner or Manager access privileges.
  • ensure the child device is powered off prior to adding or removing blocks, restrictions, limits, etc.


  1. From the FamilyBase app, navigate: Menu > Controls then sign in (if necessary).
    Note If Controls isn't visible, scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  2. Swipe left or right to choose the mobile number (located at the top) that you'd like to edit.
    Controls screen with mobile number
  3. From the Current tab, tap FamilyBase Controls.
    Current tab with Family Base Controls
  4. Tap Manage Roles (located at the bottom; may require scrolling).
    Account members screen with Manage Roles
  5. Select or de-select the Parent/Child boxes located to the right of the corresponding mobile number(s).
    Note Selected when a check mark is present.
    Note A maximum of 2 parent lines are permitted and are only available to Account Owners or Account Managers.
    Manage Roles screen with Parent and Child selection boxes
  6. Tap Save (located in the lower-left; may require scrolling).
    Manage Roles screen with Save
  7. Review the info then tap Submit Change(s) to complete the transaction.
    Note To edit before submitting, tap Back (located in the lower-left) or tap Cancel Changes.
    Review Changes screen with Submit Changes