Set Up Cortana - LG Lancet™

Note Get help, answers, suggestions, recommendations, reminders and much more from Cortana, the new personal assistant from Windows 8.1. With permission, Cortana keeps a notebook of things about you to keep track of your interests so she can learn and anticipate to give you tailored recommendations and suggestions.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe left to display the Apps list.
    Linote Alternatively, tap All apps All apps icon (located in the lower-right; may require scrolling).
  2. Tap Cortana.
  3. From the Ready to get started screen, tap yes.
  4. Type in your name then press the right arrow All apps icon.
  5. Tap play All apps icon to hear how Cortana says your name then tap sounds good.
  6. The next page advises you to tap the Notebook icon All apps icon (located at upper-right corner) for more options.
  7. Tap next to finish.