Removing and Replacing PC Cards - Windows®

  1. Close any open apps (specifically the PC Card clients).
  2. Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the System Tray (located by the clock).
    Note Windows Vista icon is the same as the icon for Windows 7, 8 and 10.
    Windows safely remove hardware icons
  3. Click the appropriate device (e.g. NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller, Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 PC Card Parent, etc.).
  4. If presented with dialog box indicating that it is safe to remove the card, click OK.
  5. Use the ejector button (normally located on the side of the card slot) to disengage the card then remove it from the slot.
    Caution When removing the card, always grip it by the edges rather than from the top and bottom. Pulling on the antenna may damage the card.
    Safely removing PC card
  6. If removing the device as part of troubleshooting, you should now reboot the computer. Once the operating system has rebooted, insert the card and retry the connection or continue troubleshooting.