Identifying VZAccess Manager icons



Image of VZAccess Manager main screen icon callout
1.  Connect / Disconnect
Used to connect / disconnect wireless networks.
2.  Main Toolbar
3.  Tool Bar Buttons
4.  Battery Level
5.  Elapsed Time
Displays the amount of time that has elapsed since the current network connection was initiated.
6.  Throughput
The amount of data that has been sent and received since the current network connection was initiated can be seen by holding the mouse over the icon.
7.  New TXT
If your device supports TXT messaging, an icon appears on the status bar to show that you have a new TXT message waiting.
8.  Coverage
Displays the current available digital coverage.
9.  Utilized Network
Displays the current connected network.
10. Signal Strength
11. Current State
Connected / Disconnected
12. Wireless Networks List