Hardware Modifications - Non-Factory Screen LG G2

Use the provided information below to help determine if your device has hardware modifications.

If a CLNR is ordered for a device and device sent back to the warehouse with a non-factory LG display, the device is assessed a damaged device fee.

  • A hardware modification is any physical change made to the device that was not performed by the manufacturer or an authorized agent of the manufacturer.
  • Installation of a non-factory display involves opening the device case in a way that voids the manufacturer's original warranty and is considered physical damage.


The customer is able to distinguish whether or not the screen is a factory display by looking for the Verizon logo in the top right corner of the display:

Upper right corner of LG Factory display with Verizon logo Upper right corner of LG Factory display without Verizon logo
Factory display with logo Non-Factory display without logo