Set Limits and Restrictions - Data Sense - Microsoft Lumia 735

Data Sense comes already installed and is used to monitor data usage and set data limits, notifications and restrictions.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe left to display the Apps list.
    Linote Alternatively, tap All apps All apps icon (located in the lower right; may require scrolling).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Network & wireless.
  4. Tap Data usage.
  5. Tap Set limit.
  6. Tap the "Limit type" Dropdown menu then select one of the following:
    • None specified
    • One time
    • Monthly
    • Unlimited
  7. Enter the appropriate info (e.g., Data limit, Reset date, Units, etc.) then tap Save (located at the bottom).
  8. To adjust restriction of background data, tap Edit (located to the right of Usage details).
  9. Tap the "Restrict background data" Dropdown menu then select one of the following:
    • Never
    • When I'm near my limit
    • Always
  10. Tap the Restrict background data while roaming switch to turn On Switch On icon or Off Switch Off icon.


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