Install a Mobile Office/Data Connectivity Kit

Warning VZAccess Manager software must be installed before plugging the handset into the computer for the first time. Only after the software has been installed can Windows successfully install and configure the handset.

  1. Close any open apps.
  2. Insert the VZAccess Manager CD-ROM into the drive. Once the CD-ROM auto-starts, click Install VZAccess Manager.
    Note If set up does not automatically start, click Start > (Run), type D:\Start or D:\MenuDriver.exe (where D is the CD-ROM drive letter) then press the Enter key.
    Note If 'Device USB Drivers Included' is not noted, please refer to Install USB Drivers - Windows for further instructions.

  3. On the 'Welcome' screen, click Next.
  4. To continue the installation, read the Software License Agreement, ensure 'I agree with this software license agreement' is selected then click Next.
  5. On the 'Choose Destination Location' screen, click Next.
  6. Click Next to install VZAccess Manager.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Click Exit.
  9. Configure VZAccess Manager - Windows.