Back Up Contacts - Backup Assistantâ„  - Basic Phones

Note Notes:

To use Backup Assistant to transfer info:

  • Both devices must be compatible with the app.
  • The 10-digit mobile number must remain the same.
  • The original phone must also be active and capable of making phone calls.


  1. While in Backup Assistant, press the right soft key to choose OK.
  2. Press the right soft key to choose Backup Now.
    Note Options presented may vary by device.
    Note Fields that are supported and not supported when using Backup Assistant:
    • Supported fields:
      • Mobile 1
      • Home
      • Work
      • Email 1
      • Mobile 2
      • Email 2
      • Fax
      • Picture ID (Only on certain devices)
    • Non-supported fields:
      • Groups/Category
      • Ringtone
      • Text Messaging Ringtone
      • Secret
      • Speed Dial
      • Voice Mail
      • Notes
  3. If the address book on the device has not been modified since the last backup was performed, press the right soft key to choose Connect and download any updates made on the Backup Assistant website.


 For additional info, check out these Backup Assistant FAQs.