Create Connection to an ISP - VZAccess® Manager

  1. Double-click the VZAccess Manager icon.
  2. From the top menu click Tools > Dial-up Accounts > Add Wireless.
  3. Enter the appropriate information and click OK.
    • Account Name: A descriptive name for the connection.
    • Telephone number: The number dialed to access the dial-up account.
    • User name: The user id for the dial-up account.
    • Password: The password to access the dial-up account.
  4. Select the new dial-up account then click Connect WWAN.
    List of connections
  5. On the 'Warning!' screen, click Continue to acknowledge that dial-up connections may be charged differently (refer to your calling plan for details).
  6. Click Dial to connect.
    Dial-up connection dialog box