Enabling/Disabling NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) - VZAccess® Manager

Note NDIS is an API (application programming interface) for NICs (network interface cards). When enabled, NDIS provides always-on connection without requiring VZAccess Manager to be open. Some background processes and programs may transfer data (e.g. Windows Update) even when not actively using the computer. It is recommended to check usage for potential overages. Refer to Determining Data Usage - VZAccess Manager (Windows) for additional assistance.

  1. Open VZAccess Manager.
    Note From the Windows desktop, navigate Start > Programs (All Programs) > VZAccess Manager.
  2. From the top menu, click Tools > Preferences.
  3. From the WWAN tab and from the Connect Options section, check/uncheck NDIS mode.
    NDIS mode is enabled.
    NDIS mode is disabled
  4. If presented, click Yes.
  5. If presented, click OK.
  6. Click OK.