Ensure Files are Placed in the Correct Memory Card Folder - LG VX8300

Before placing any files on your memory card, it must be formatted by the handset. For assistance formatting the card, please refer to Formatting a memory card - LG VX8300. Once the card is formatted, files must be placed in the corresponding folder to be available on the handset (e.g., JPG image files would be placed in MY_PIX).

This is a V CAST Music phone and only supports music files in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format. All music downloaded from the V CAST Music Online Store to a PC must be placed on the phone using the Music Essentials Kit.

The handset has the following folder structure:

  • MY_FLIX: Video files
  • MY_PIX: Picture files
  • MY_MUSIC: Music files
  • MY_SOUNDS: Voice notes