View Battery Status - HTC Desire 526

Note Apps and processes are listed from highest to lowest percentage of power consumption. Review any high or unusual battery drain.


  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps Apps icon > Settings Settings icon > Power.
  2. If desired, tap On/Off switch to turn Extreme power saving mode (EPS) on Switch on icon or off Switch off icon.
    Note When EPS is enabled, many AndroidTM functions (e.g., remote lock, remote wipe, locate device remotely) are unavailable. To utilize these functions, disable EPS mode.
    Note When disabled, tap Extreme power saving mode to configure the following:
    • Automatically turn on extreme power saving mode when the battery level reaches the level I specify.
      Note Enabled when a check mark Check mark icon is present.
      • 20%
      • 10%
      • 5%
  3. Tap Battery usage to view the battery usage details (e.g., Wi-Fi, Android OS, Phone, etc.).
  4. Tap History to view the following battery information:
    • Battery usage line graph
      • Displays basic battery discharge/charge since the last full charge.
    • Cellular network signal
    • Wi-Fi, Awake, Screen on and Charging
    • Wi-Fi
    • Awake
    • Screen on
    • Charging


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