Activate Basic Visual Voicemail - BlackBerry® 10 Devices

Note Only Basic Voicemail is available for devices active on prepaid plans.

  1. Access Visual Voicemail.
  2. From the Setup welcome screen, tap Start.
  3. Review the Terms & Conditions then tap Accept to continue.
  4. From the Premium Visual Voicemail prompt tap No, Thanks.
    Note Alternatively, tap Subscribe to Premium to initiate Premium Visual Voicemail setup.
  5. If presented, enter the voicemail password then tap Next.
    Linote The Visual Voicemail password is the same as the standard Voicemail password. If unknown, it can be reset.
  6. From the Visual Voicemail screen, tap the "Greeting" dropdown menu Dropdown icon then select the desired option:
    • Phone Number
    • Personal Message
      LinoteTap Record to record a custom greeting then tap Stop.
    • Name
      Linote Tap Record to record name then tap Stop.
  7. From the Visual Voicemail screen, tap the Back icon back icon (located in the lower-left).
    Note Allow up to 5 minutes for the subscription process to complete.


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