Convert Audio CDs to WMA File Format - Windows® Media Player 10

  1. Open Windows Media Player by selecting: Start > All Programs > Windows Media Player.
    Note With Windows 10, click Start > Apps icon Apps Menu icon (located in the top-left corner) > All apps (located in the bottom-left corner) > Windows Media Player.
  2. From the top menu, click Tools > Options.
    WMP Options
  3. Click Rip Music.
    Rip Music tab
  4. From the Format drop down list, select Windows Media Audio.
    Choose WMA format
  5. Ensure that the Copy protect music checkbox is not checked then click OK.
    Note If the Copy protect music is checked, converted files cannot be synchronized to the handset.
    Copy protect music
  6. Insert the CD to be converted into the CD drive then click Rip.
    Rip tab
  7. Ensure that the desired songs are checked then click Rip Music.
    Note If prompted, select Keep my current format settings then click OK.
    Rip Music
  8. Once the files have been converted, they can be synchronized using Windows Media Player 10.