Use the Keyboard - BlackBerry®

Using the Keyboard / Screen Backlight

  • Press the Power button to activate the backlight.


Entering Lowercase and Uppercase Letters

  • To capitalize a letter, hold the letter key until the capital letter appears.
  • To turn on CAPS lock, press the Alt+Right Shift keys.
  • To turn off CAPS lock, press the Right Shift key.

Entering Numbers, Punctuation and Symbols that Appear Above the Letters on the Keys

  • To type numbers in a number field, press the number keys. You do not need to press the Alt key. To type a letter in a number field, hold the number key until the letter appears.
  • To turn on NUM lock, press the Right Shift+Alt keys.
  • To turn off NUM lock, press the Right Shift key.
  • To type the alternate character on a key, hold the Alt key and press the character key.
  • To insert a period, press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalized automatically.
  • To insert the at sign (@) and periods in an email field, press the Space key.


Entering other Symbols and Accented Characters

  • To type a symbol, press the Sym key. Use the trackwheel to select a symbol or press the corresponding letter.
  • To type an accented or special character, hold the letter key that corresponds to the special character then use the trackwheel to choose the character.