Configure Email Services - Apple® Mail

Server addresses, security information and additional support can be obtained from the email provider.

  1. From the desktop, navigate: Finder > Applications > Mail.
  2. From the Menu bar, click: Mail > Preferences.
    Mail > Preferences
  3. From the Accounts tab, click Account Information, ensure the settings are correct then click Server Settings.
    Note Mac® OS 10.5 and later, click Outgoing Mail Server > Edit Server List.
    • Description
      • A unique name for the account.
    • Email Address
      • The email address for the account.
    • Incoming Mail Server
      • The POP / IMAP server address.
    • User Name
      • The email account login name.
        Note Usernames may vary depending on ISP (e.g. - john.smith@your.isp or jsmith).
    • Password
      • The password required for account access.
    • Outgoing Mail Server
      • The outgoing mail server for the email account.
    Account information
  4. Enter the Description and Server Name then click Advanced.
    Note If using Mac® OS 10.4 or 10.3 skip to step 5.
  5. Ensure the required settings are correct then click OK.
  6. From the Advanced section, ensure the required settings are correct then click the red dot located in the upper-left corner.