Smart Lock - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

If you would like your Galaxy S6 edge + to remain unlocked in certain places or situations, view this info.

Note Notes:

  • Smart Lock allows you to unlock your phone without using a screen lock type when trusted locations (work, home) or other devices (Bluetooth headset, NFC tag) have been detected.
  • A secure lock type (PIN, pattern, fingerprint, etc.) must be turned on for Secure lock settings to be available. Turning off the secure lock also turns off Smart Lock.
  • Once unlocked the first time, on-body detection allows your phone to remain unlocked as long as you are holding or carrying your device.


  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps Apps icon > Settings Settings icon > Lock screen and security.
    Note These instructions apply to Standard mode only.
  2. Tap Secure lock settings.
  3. Tap Smart Lock.
    Note Enter password if prompted then tap Next.
  4. Tap On-body detection then tap the switch to turn on Switch on icon or off Switch off icon.
  5. Tap Trusted places.
  6. Tap Add trusted place + then search for and find preferred destination.
  7. Enter the location name and address or use current location.
    Note If you want to use your current location, tap Select this location, enter a name then tap OK.
  8. Tap the Return icon Back icon to go back.
  9. Tap Trusted devices.
  10. Tap Add Trusted Device.
  11. Tap Bluetooth or NFC.
  12. Tap the Return icon to go back.
  13. Tap Trusted voice.
  14. Tap the switches next to any of the desired voice recognition options (Say "OK Google" any time, While driving, etc.) to turn on or off.
  15. Tap the Return icon to go back.


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