Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2015) - Manage Screen Lock Settings

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Apps icon > Settings.
  2. From the Personal section, tap Lock screen and security.
  3. Tap any of the following:
    Note Depending upon the type of Screen lock selected (Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Password), the available options may vary.
    • Info and app shortcuts
      • Dual clock ( on On indicator or off Off indicator )
        • Show both local and home time zones when roaming
        • Set home time zone
      • Owner information
        Note Enter text to display on lock screen then tap OK
      • App shortcuts
    • Weather
      Note If presented with Add City, tap OK.
      Note Confirm Lock screen is turned on On indicator and configure the remaining options as desired.
      Note Tap the Back key Back key (located on the bottom right below the display) to return to previous screen.
    • Unlock effect
      Note Available when the device is using the Swipe lock type.
      • None
      • Water droplet
      • Popping colors
    • Secure lock settings
      Note Available when the device has a screen lock setup.
      • Make pattern visible (tap to turn on or off)
      • Lock automatically
        • Immediately
        • 5 seconds
        • 15 seconds
        • 30 seconds
        • 1 minute
        • 2 minutes
        • 5 minutes
        • 10 minutes
        • 30 minutes
      • Lock instantly with power key (tap to turn on or off)
      • Auto factory reset (tap to turn on or off)
        Note When turned on, device will reset to factory settings if password is incorrectly entered 10 times. All data, including files and downloaded apps are is deleted.
      • Smart lock - enter password then configure as desired.