DROID TURBO 2 BY MOTOROLA - Factory Data Reset (Powered On)

A factory data (hard) reset may help with a blank or frozen screen, apps crashing or freezing, keypad/touchscreen problems, can't hear, device making noises, can't make or receive calls, and device won't sync.

Caution Perform a factory data reset only if absolutely necessary as it removes all data including:

  • Google account
  • System and app data
  • App settings
  • Downloaded apps
  • Media (It's recommended to backup this data)
    Note Alternatively, music, pictures and videos can be backed up to a computer.

Note Notes:

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Apps icon > Settings Settings icon.
  2. From the Personal section, tap Backup & reset.
  3. From the Personal Data section, tap Factory data reset.
  4. Tap Reset phone.
    Note If presented, enter the current unlock pattern, PIN or password.
    Note If using a customized MotoMaker device and you wish to permanently erase custom wallpapers, ringtones, power-up graphics, etc., tap (check) Erase all personalized content....
  5. Tap Erase everything.
    Note Allow several minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to complete.
    Note If applicable, set up your device.

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