Enable / Disable / Modify SIM PIN - Windows® 8

Note Enabling the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Personal Identification Number (PIN) locks the SIM card so it can't be used until the correct code is entered. If the incorrect PIN code is entered too many times, refer to Locating the 4G SIM PIN/PUK - My Verizon Website to obtain a new PIN Unblocking Key (PUK).

  1. From the Start screen, tap or click Verizon Connection Manager.
    Note If not available, swipe up (starting from the middle of the screen) to display the Apps screen then tap Verizon Connection Manager.
    Note If using a mouse, click the Down arrow icon to view all apps (may require clicking on the slide bar at the bottom of the screen to move the screen over to the right).
    Note If the Verizon Connection Manager app has been uninstalled, it can be reinstalled via the Windows Store.
  2. Tap Device Information.
    Note If not available, tap or click the Dropdown menu located at the top then tap Device Information.

Enable or Disable SIM PIN
Modify SIM PIN

Enable or Disable SIM PIN

  1. From the "SIM Lock" section, tap or click the SIM Lock switch to turn on Switch On icon (enable) or off Switch Off icon (disable).
    Note Depending upon personalization options, the switch color may differ from the example depicted above.
  2. From the "Enter Pin Lock Number" field, enter the current Pin code then tap or click lock or unlock.
    Note The default Pin code is 1111.


Change SIM PIN

Note SIM Lock must be turned on (enabled) in order to change the current SIM PIN.

  1. From the "SIM Lock" section, tap or click Change Sim Pin.
  2. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields:
    • Enter Old Pin
    • Enter New Pin
    • Confirm New Pin
  3. Tap or click change.