Manage Do Not Disturb Settings - Sony Xperia® Z3v

Note Notes:

  • The Interruptions feature allows sound/vibration (for phone calls, messages, etc.) to be turned on or off as preferred.
  • Alarms are always considered priority interruptions.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Apps icon > Settings > Sound & notification.
  2. Tap Interruptions.
  3. Tap When calls and notifications arrive then select one of the following:
    • Sound, always interrupt
    • Priority interruptions only
    • Silent, no interruptions
  4. When "Priority interruptions only" or "Silent, no interruptions" is selected, tap an option (e.g., Indefinitely, For 8 hours, etc.) then tap OK.
  5. From the Priority interruptions section, tap any of the following to turn on Switch on or off Switch off.
    • Events and reminders
    • Calls
    • Messages
      Note When Calls and/or Messages are turned on, tap Calls/messages from then select an option (e.g., Contacts only, etc.).
  6. From the Scheduled silent mode section:
    1. Tap Days and select the preferred day(s), then tap Done.
    2. Tap Start time and adjust the start time then tap OK.
    3. Tap End time and adjust the end time then tap OK.