Activate / Set Up Device - GizmoPal® 2 by LG - Apple® iPhone®

caution After 10/10/2018 this device can no longer be activated on a new line of service. Refer to CDMA Network Activation Retirement for more info.

Note Notes:

  • Ensure all devices (Guardians, Caregivers, etc.) update to the most recent version of the GizmoHub app.
  • Ensure the date and time settings on the parent device are set automatically.
  • The GizmoPal 2 cannot activate if you have a data, text or Caller ID block on either the Gizmo device or the caregiver's smartphone.
  • If you're activating a replacement GizmoPal 2, delete the previous device.
  • For more info on the app, refer to the GizmoHub page.

  1. Press the Play key on the Gizmo device. You hear audible prompts telling you that it is activating.
    Note If activation isn't successful, then press the Call key.
    Gizmo front screen
  2. Once alerted that the activation is complete, install the GizmoHub app on your Apple device.
  3. If not already open, tap the GizmoHub app from one of the Apple device's Home screens then follow on the onscreen prompts.
  4. From the 'Create an Account' screen, tap Get Started.
    Get started screen.
  5. From the 'Let's Get Started!' screen, choose one of the following:
  6. Enter your email address and password, then tap Sign In.
    sign in gizmo screen
  7. Tap Add Your Child's Info then enter the following:
    Note If you're activating a replacement GizmoPal 2, skip to step 9.
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Birth Month
    • Birth Year
    • Your relationship to child
  8. Tap Add Child.
  9. Tap Add Gizmo.
    Note For replacement devices, tap Edit Remove icon to remove.
  10. Tap Get Started.
    Note When prompted, tap Allow.
  11. Tap one of the following:
    • Scan QR Code
      Note Scan the QR Code on the face of your Gizmo by lining it up inside the window.
    • Don't have a QR Code
      Note Enter the number found on the GizmoPal's screen, then tap Next.
  12. Tap the End Call button on the Gizmo to begin the pairing process.
  13. From the 'Success' screen tap Continue.
  14. From the 'Set up Security PIN' screen, enter a security PIN with the Gizmo then re-enter it to confirm.
    Note If you don't want a Security PIN, tap Skip.
    set up security pin
  15. From the GizmoHub navigation screen, tap X to enter the app.
    Home navigation page

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