LG Watch Urbane™ 2nd Edition LTE - Activate / Set Up Device


  • Ensure the Wear OS by Google app has been updated or installed via the Play StoreTM prior to beginning setup.
  • If you're connecting your watch to a smartphone, make sure Advanced Calling is turned on. On your smartphone, go to Settings > Advanced Calling > Activate Advanced Calling.
  • The watch must remain paired with smartphone; however, the smartphone doesn't have to be turned on for the watch to work. For the watch to work with the smartphone turned off, the watch must be on a 4G Connected Device plan.
  • In order to enable the watch to receive and make calls on its own, Verizon Messages+ must be made the default messaging app on the phone.
  • To activate the watch, contact Verizon Telesales at 800-256-4646 or add a new line via My Verizon online then follow all steps below to complete the activation.
  • When a call is made directly from the watch, the caller ID shows the paired smartphone's phone number.

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth feature on the Android device is turned on.
  2. Launch the Wear OS by Google app on the device.
    Note If the app is not installed, go to the Play Store to Download and Install.
  3. From Wear OS by Google, review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then tap Accept to continue setup.
  4. From the LG Urbane Watch, swipe left to start the process.
  5. Tap the desired language to be used on the device.
  6. If prompted, connect your watch to a power source then swipe left to continue.
  7. Swipe left twice on the "Let's start by pairing with your phone" screen.
  8. From your Android device, select the LG Watch name then tap Pair.
    Note Bluetooth options are typically found by navigating: Apps > Settings > Bluetooth.
  9. From the LG Watch, tap the Check mark Checkmark icon to confirm pairing.
    Note Allow up to 10 minutes for the initial pairing with your Watch as the watch and phone will sync at that time.
  10. From the Wear OS by Google app, tap Notification Access.
  11. Tap Wear OS by Google Wear OS by Google icon to enable notification access.
    Note Enabled when a check mark is present.
  12. Tap OK on the confirmation to enable Wear OS by Google.
  13. If prompted to explore your new watch on the phone, follow the steps in the tutorial to finish setting up the watch.