Master Reset - LG VX3300

Before performing a master reset, you should always backup data such as contacts, pictures/videos and music. Here is some general info on backing up your contacts using Backup Assistant.

Caution A Master Reset is the last resort for troubleshooting. This reset erases all data and restore preferences to factory default specifications. Performing a Master Reset is only recommended when the existing data has been backed up or is unwanted.

  1. From the main screen, press the Left soft key to choose MENU.
  2. Select Settings.
    Note Utilize the 5-way navigation pad to highlight and the OK button to select.
  3. Select Security.
  4. Enter the 4-digit Lock Code then press OK.
    Note The default code is the last 4-digits of the mobile number.
  5. Select Reset Default.
  6. Press OK.
  7. select Revert.