LG Watch Urbane™ 2nd Edition LTE - View Notification Cards

Note Most notifications you see on your phone also show up on your watch as a Notification Card. These cards are displayed at the bottom of the watch face.

  1. To view cards, swipe up from the bottom of your screen.
    Note To view the card later, swipe down on the card to hide it.
    Notification Card Preview
  2. Swipe up on the current card to see additional cards.
    Swipe Up on Notification Card
  3. Swipe left to see more details and options for the current displayed card.
    Swipe Left on Notification Card
  4. Swipe right to dismiss the current displayed card.
    Note Dismissing the card on the watch also dismisses the notifcation on the phone.
    Swipe Right on Notification Card
  5. Swipe down on the watch face to return to the home screen.
    Swipe Down on Notification Card