Upgrade Gizmo Bands - GizmoPal™ by LG

Use this info if you're upgrading from a GizmoPal to a GizmoPal™ 2, GizmoGadget™, or GizmoWatch™.

  1. Use one of the methods below to perform a Factory Data Reset on the original GizmoPal:
    Note Ensure the new Gizmo is powered off until after the old one has been reset.
  2. Power on the GizmoPal 2, Gizmo Gadget, or GizmoWatch to begin activation.
    Note Your new Gizmo should start activating automatically the first time you turn it on. The Gizmo plays an announcement once successfully activated.
  3. Uninstall the GizmoHub app on the primary caregiver's smartphone.
  4. Reinstall the GizmoHub app on the caregiver's smartphone to complete the setup process:
    Note If the attempt to connect to the Gizmo fails multiple times, repeat process above.

Note If a Gizmo is already active and you are changing the mobile number, you must perform a factory reset for the change to process.