Configure Sync Schedule Settings - Corporate Email (Formerly RemoSync)

  1. From the Corporate Email main screen, select Settings then press OK.
  2. Select Sync Schedule then press OK.
  3. Select the desired Sync Schedule type then press the left soft key to choose Next.
    Direct Push
    Information is synchronized to the device as it arrives in Microsoft Outlook
    Scheduled Sync
    Information is synchronized to the device at the scheduled intervals
  4. If prompted press OK.
  5. Select an available sync schedule or select Add Schedule to create a new sync schedule then press OK.
    An available schedule must be selected or a new schedule created for Direct Push to work properly.
  6. Select the desired sync days then press OK.
  7. Select the desired sync start time then press OK.
  8. Select the desired sync end time then press OK.
  9. Press the PWR/END button.