PRIV™ by BlackBerry® - Reply to an Email Message

Note For assistance with the BlackBerry Hub refer to Reply to a Message - BlackBerry Hub.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps Apps icon > Gmail Gmail icon.
  2. Ensure the appropriate email address is selected:
    1. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (upper-left).
    2. Tap the Dropdown menu (located to the right of the current email address) then select the appropriate email address.
  3. From the Inbox, tap a message.
  4. Tap the Reply icon Reply icon (located at the bottom).
    Note To reply to all, tap the Dropdown icon Dropdown menu icon(located to the right of Reply) then tap Reply all.
  5. From the Compose email field, enter a message then tap the Send icon Send icon (upper-right).