Device Display and Status - 4G LTE Network Extender

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Note Notes

  • Display shows status messages and device icons indicating the number of LTE devices connected to the Network Extender and the number of GPS satellites tracked.
  • If the Power/Status LED indicator is still blinking after one hour, relocate the GPS antenna to receive a stronger signal (see Related Topics).
  • The screen goes blank if the Display button is not pressed for 30 seconds.





  1. Reference the device display to determine Network Extender status.
    Note The Power/Status LED indicator solid blue while the unit is on and in-service.
    Device Display legend
  2. Press the Button to the right of the display to cycle through the following info:
    • IP address
    • E911 Physical address
      Display e911 address
    • Device IP address
      Display Network Extender IP address
    • Network Extender MAC ID
      Display Network Extender MAC ID
    • Timing Source
      Display GPS timing Source
    • Device Name
      Display Device Name
  3. Refer to the device display chart for icon identification:
    Name Icons Description
    LTE Service Status   Shows the device service status
    Display indicator for 4G LTE service 4G LTE - In Service
    Display indicator for no service No Service Icon - Out of Service
    Connected Devices Display indicator for connected devices Shows the number of connected devices.
    GPS Status Display indicator for tracked satellites Shows the GPS status with the number of satellites tracked
    NTPv4 Status Display indicator for NTPv4 Indicates the Network Extender is using Network Time Protocol instead of GPS





Alarm Description Troubleshooting
Out of Service The Ethernet port or connection is not working. The port connecting your device to the internet is not operational. Please check that your Ethernet cable is connected correctly and the switch, router, or internet gateway is powered-on (see Related Topics).
Ethernet Port Down
Out of Service The unit has a communication failure with the Verizon network.  There is a communication failure preventing your device from functioning correctly. Please unplug your device and then plug it back in again.
MME Communication Failure
GPS Failure The GPS unit is not working. There is a failure in the GPS module preventing your device from functioning correctly. Please make sure that the GPS antenna is installed in a location near a window (see Related Topics). 
Out of Service The unit has overheated.  Your device is over-heating. Please move the unit to an area with an ambient temperature between 0-50 degrees and make sure the device is in a well ventilated location
Device Overheated
Out of Service The output power of the device is out of tolerance. Please unplug your device and then plug it back in again. Wait for 10 minutes and check if the alarm is cleared.
Transmission Over Power
Out of Service The unit is exposed to a high level of radio interference. If the problem persists after 10 minutes, please relocate the unit to a different area at least 100 feet away.
High Radio Interference
Out of Service The device radio unit is out of service. Please unplug your device and then plug it back in again. Wait for 10 minutes and check if the alarm is cleared. 
Modem Failure
Out of Service                                                       For Maintenance The unit is out of service due to maintenance mode The operator puts the device in maintenance mode. Wait for an hour and check if the alarm is cleared.


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