LG Optimus Zone™ 3 - Add a Personal Email Account

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Apps icon > Email.
    Note If the Email accounts screen is presented, navigate: Menu icon Menu icon > Add account.
  2. Select the provider (e.g., AOL, Verizon.net, Other, etc.).
  3. Enter the appropriate info (e.g., Email address, Password, etc.) then tap Next.
  4. If presented, tap Manual setup then select the appropriate account type (e.g., POP3, IMAP, etc.).
    Note If not presented, account setup has completed. Skip to step 8.
  5. Enter the appropriate info (e.g., Username, Password, etc.) then tap Next.
  6. Enter the appropriate info (e.g., SMTP server, Port number, etc.) then tap Next.
    Note If you're not sure what your server info is, here are some common personal email server addresses. Contact your email provider if additional assistance is needed or your server info isn't listed.
  7. Configure the appropriate options (e.g., Inbox checking frequency, Notify me when email arrives, etc.) then tap Next.
  8. Enter an account name (optional) then tap Done.
    Note If presented, ensure a name is entered for outgoing messages.


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