One Talk Portal - Manage User Features

Note Notes:

  • These features are applied to individual users in your business, customizing their service to best meet their communication needs.
  • For special user features, click here.


  1. Sign in to My Business.
  2. Click Manage Account.
  3. From the Product Tools section, click One Talk.
    Note To navigate, mouse over each option.
    Click One Talk link
  4. From the quick tasks section, click Manage User Features.
    Quick tasks section
  5. To open a number, click the blue phone number link.
    Line list
  6. To turn the desired feature, click the Feature switch (Call Forward types, Simultaneous Ring Service, etc.) on Switch on or off Switch off, or click the Gear icon to configure options.
    User features section
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the desired transaction.


Special User Features

Feature Description Compatible with Business Features
6-Way Call Expands a voice call to include up to six participants without dialing into a conference bridge. NA

Allows multiple telephone lines (MTNs) among users in the business to be visible on any user's desk phone. Commonly used for receptionists or business associates to cover incoming calls for each other. A user's mobile phone with the One Talk dialer or One Talk App can also be bridged to a desk phone, enabling the lines of mobile-only users to be monitored. A desk phone user is able to bridge their desk phone to eleven other lines (MTNs) in the business enabling three functions:

  • Monitor the on/off hook state of the bridged lines (the line is not In-use, Busy, on Hold).
  • Receive/Place calls on behalf of the bridged lines.
  • Barge-in to a conversation to communicate with the participants of an active conversation (Barge-in Exempt can be turned on if needed for security reasons).
  • Only the T41, T46 and T49 can be used as the bridging source.
  • The T41 allows to bridge up to 5 other One Talk lines (regardless of the device type).
The T46 and T49 allows to bridge up to 11 other One Talk lines (regardless of the device type)
Compatible with Automated Receptionist (AR) and Hunt Group (HG) calls coming into the lines. Bridging is a use case of an Administrator needing to watch over their boss's lines. Another good use case is to have one desk phone look at other OTT client lines with no desk phones, this allows someone at the office to see who in the field is on a call.
Call Barge
  • A user can barge-in to an ongoing call on a bridged line, allowing them to participate in the call. Commonly used by an administrative assistant who is monitoring the line of an executive. The assistant can press the bridged line button for an active call to barge-in to that call.
  • Call Barge is also presented to a user when Line Sharing between their multiple devices allowing the user to enter an active call from one of their other devices. If an active call on their desk phone, then can press the bubble for that call on their smartphone and join that call.
Works with Business Feature call routing.
Call Move In-progress calls can be quickly moved between devices, so there is no disruption in calls as the employee moves location. NA
Line Sharing Allows the use of a phone line(MTN) on up to eight devices per user in the following combination: 1 smartphone, up to 2 desk phones and up to 5 One Talk Mobile App. All devices sharing the line are able to place/receive phone calls, but are limited to three simultaneous calls among all of the devices (see the Multiple Line Appearances feature). Compatible with AR and HG and work.
Mobile Call Management Provides multiple ways to use the One Talk service to answer calls when the user is mobile and not available in the office. The user can set Call Forwarding to automatically send mobile calls to another number, or enable his mobile line (MTN) to be Bridged to another person in the business, allowing someone else in the business to answer calls for him. NA
Multiple Line Appearances The user can place/receive up to 3 simultaneous calls from either a single device, or any of the devices in the Line Sharing arrangement. The calls can be placed individually or simultaneously from One Talk devices. Desk phones show the line appearances on 3 devices on the top left near the phone display. The One Talk Dialer and App will show the 3-line appearances as they are used. NA
Simultaneous Ring All of the user's devices sharing the same number ring during an incoming call. Works with Business Features; however this is not designed to work WITH AR or HG. If enabled and being used with a Business Feature call looping can occur. Simultaneous Ring turned on with multiple One Talk lines will also create call loop. Calling party hears dead air or a disconnect recording.