Apple® iPhone® - View Battery / Call Time / Data Usage

Note The steps below don't apply to the iPhone 5siPhone 5ciPhone 5iPhone 4s or iPhone 4.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings icon > Battery.
  2. Tap Battery Health to view Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability.
    Note This provides info on how your battery is performing and its remaining life.
  3. Tap Back arrow icon Battery (upper-left). 
  4. From the Last Charge Level, verify the time since last full charge.
  5. Tap Back arrow icon Settings to return to the Settings screen then tap Cellular
  6. From the Cellular Data section, verify Current Period and Current Roaming Period cellular data usage.
  7. From the Call Time section (requires scrolling) verify Current Period and Lifetime.
  8. To reset the usage statistics, tap Reset Statistics (at the bottom; may require scrolling).


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