Apple® iPhone® - Manage Data Usage

Note Notes: 

  • Data usage info provided by the device may differ from actual usage. For data usage info provided by Verizon Wireless, refer to the My Verizon website.
  • Video Camera  Icon For a better understanding of how data is used, check out this video.
  • To control data usage on your account, refer to Verizon Smart Family™.


  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings Icon > Cellular.
  2. View the overall cellular data usage.
    • Current Period
    • Current Period Roaming
  3. View the individual apps cellular data usage.
    Note The app cellular data usage is displayed beneath the name of the app. 
  4. To turn cellular data usage for an individual app on Switch On or off Switch Off.
    Note Exchange ActiveSync accounts are handled separately from other Mail and Calendar accounts. Exchange ActiveSync accounts continue to use cellular data even if cellular data usage for Mail and Calendar are disabled.
  5. To view the data used by system services, tap System Services.
  6. The data usage is displayed to the right of the system service (e.g., Mapping Services 2.0 MB).
  7. Tap Back Arrow Cellular (upper-left).
  8. To reset the usage statistics, tap Reset Statistics.
  9. Tap Reset Statistics.


Note To limit individual app usage, refer to Turn Cellular Data On / Off.