Apple® iPhone® - Take and Send a Picture via Messaging

Note Notes:

  • The following steps also apply to when sending an iMessage. When a message is sent, the message type (e.g., iMessage, SMS, etc.) is indicated by differing colors.
  • To send a picture that you've already taken, refer to sending an existing picture.
  • The steps below don't apply to the iPhone 4.


  1. From a Home screen, tap Messages Messages icon.
  2. Tap the New Message icon New message icon (upper-right).
  3. From the To field, enter a 10-digit mobile number
    Note Alternately, enter a contact name, as the name is entered, a matching contact may appear and can be selected at any time.
    Note Repeat this step as necessary to add additional recipients.
  4. From the Text Message field, enter a message.
  5. Tap the Camera icon Camera icon (on the left).
  6. Aim then tap the Take Picture icon Take picture icon.
    Note Alternatively, press either volume button (left-edge of the device).
  7. Tap Done (upper-right).
    Note To discard and take a new picture, tap the Retake then repeat step 7.
  8. Add text if desired then tap the Send icon Message send icon.