Apple® iPhone® - Manage Night Shift Settings

Note Notes:

  • Night Shift automatically changes your display output to warmer colors after dark.
  • If you are accessing Night Shift settings from the Control Center, begin with step 2.
  • You can also choose to start Night Shift immediately by tapping the Manually Enable Until Tomorrow switch just below the Scheduled section.
  • The steps below don't apply to the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s or the iPhone 4.


  1. From a Home screen, navigate : Settings Settings icon > Display & Brightness.
  2. Tap Night Shift then tap the Scheduled switch to turn on Switch on icon or off Switch off icon.
  3. When enabled, tap the From/To field to customize times:
    • Sunset to Sunrise
      Note Enabled when a checkmark is present.
    • Turn on At:
      Note If you choose this option, enter the start and end times just below the Custom Schedule.
    • Turn Off
  4. Tap Back icon Night Shift (upper-left) to return to the previous screen.
  5. If preferred, slide the bar near the bottom of the screen to adjust the warmth of the colors.