Transfer Content with Google™ Quick Switch Adapter (from Android®)

Note Here's how to transfer data from your current Android device to your Pixel™ phone by Google.

What you need:

Old and new phones
Your old and new phones
Google Quick Switch adapter
Google Quick Switch adapter
Google account info
Your Google account info
Verizon account PIN
Your Verizon account PIN

Note Notes:

  • This process is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and up and Apple® devices running iOS 8 and up.
  • Ensure the Pixel battery is charged to at least 50% before connecting.



Start the transfer

Ensure both devices have more than 50% charge before getting started.

  1. Tap Start then follow the on-screen prompts to connect to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.
  2. Continue to follow on-screen prompts until you reach the 'Copy apps & data' screen.
Hi there screen with emphasis on Language, Vision settings and Start button


Copy your data

From the 'Copy apps & data' screen, tap NEXT to transfer your content.

Copy apps & data screen with emphasis on Next button


Connect your phones

Plug one end of a cable into your old phone and the other end into your new Pixel phone then follow the on-screen prompts.

Connect both phones screen with connection diagram


Sign in to Google

When prompted, sign into your Google account or create a new one.

Google sign in screen with emphasis on Email or phone field and Create account


Choose what to copy

From the 'Choose what to copy' screen, select the content you want to to transfer then tap Copy. Continue to follow the on-screen prompts.

Choose what to copy screen with emphasis on items to copy and the copy button


Continue or leave setup

Tap Continue to set up your device completely or tap Leave & get reminder to set up later.

Make Pixel uniquely yours screen with emphasis on Continue and Leave & get reminder buttons


You're all done

Tap Done when you see the 'Your phone's almost ready' screen then disconnect the cable when the transfer is finished.