Hum by Verizon - Mobile App - Add a Boundary Alert

To set boundaries and receive alerts when a Hum-equipped vehicle enters or exits a specific area, view this info.

Note Only the Hum primary account holder can add boundary alerts.

  1. From the Dashboard, tap the Menu icon.
    Dashboard menu icon
  2. Tap Boundary & Speed Alerts.
    Note You can also set alerts from the Boundary & Speed Alerts widget on the Dashboard.
    Menu alerts
  3. Tap Boundary Alert.
    Tap Boundary Alert
  4. Tap Set a New Boundary Alert.
    Tap Set a New Boundary Alert
  5. On the map, tap Search for a location then enter the location info.
    Note If asked to pin your current location, tap Yes or No.
    Note If you search for an area or enter a specific address; use pinch and zoom to change the radius of the area.
    Tap Search for a Location
  6. Tap the checkmark icon Checkmark Icon (located bottom-left) to set the boundary.
    Note Tap the X icon if you don't want to add this boundary area.
  7. To name the boundary alert, tap Enter name then enter the alert name.
    Tap Enter Name
  8. In the 'Notify me when my vehicle' section, select an option:
    Note The option is selected when a check mark is present.
    • Enters the boundary
    • Exits the boundary
  9. In the 'Select days to monitor' section, tap Always on or Custom.
    Note If Custom is chosen;
    1. Select the appropriate day(s) of the week
    2. Set a start and end time for the alert.
    Tap an Option
  10. Tap the Set Alert button.
    Tap Set Alert


Note For additional info, check out these Hum FAQs.

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