Add a Boundary Alert - Web Portal - Verizon Humx

To set boundaries and receive alerts when a Hum×-equipped vehicle enters or exits an area, view this info.

Note Notes:

  • The primary account holder can be alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area by setting up boundary alerts.
  • You can't edit alerts on the web portal at this time; however, you can delete then add another.


  1. From the web portal menu, click boundary alerts.
    Note A list of active boundary alerts is displayed; if none have been set, an instructional screen is displayed.
    Portal dropdown menu
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click create new alert.
    Create boundary alert
  3. Click the desired area on the map to set a boundary circle.
  4. Click and drag to resize the boundary to the desired area.
    Note The diameter of the boundary area displays below the map.
  5. Click the set start time dropdown to select a start time.
  6. Click the set end time dropdown to select an end time.
  7. Click on the days of the week that you want the boundary alert to be active.
  8. Click one of the following to set when the alert is triggered:
    • enters boundary
    • exits boundary
  9. Click the boundary alert name field and type a short description of that alert.
  10. Click save.
    hum boundary alerts page


Note For additional info, check out these Hum FAQs.

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