Hum x by Verizon - Create a Paired Connection

caution Effective 10/17/19, the hands-free feature on your Humx speaker must be enabled to establish a Bluetooth® connection with your phone.


Enable Hands-Free
Create a Paired Connected


Enable Hands-Free

  1. Open the Hum app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (upper-left).
  3. Tap Enable Hands-Free.
    Hum Menu Enable Hands-Free
  4. Tap Enable.
    Note Once hands-free is enabled, if you're pairing your phone to your HumX speaker for the first time, continue with the steps below to create a paired connection using Bluetooth.
    Note If you've previously paired your phone to your HumX speaker, you should notice your phone had re-established the connection to the HumX speaker.
    Enable Hands-Free


Note For more info, check out these Bluetooth FAQs and Hum FAQs.




Create a Paired Connection

Note Notes:

  • A phone won't connect via Bluetooth during initial pairing or regular use if the speaker is plugged into the charging cable.
  • For the speaker to be paired to a phone, it must be charged, powered on and taken out of shipping mode.
  • The OBD reader must be installed in the car and within 10 feet of the speaker.


  1. Start the vehicle's engine.
  2. From the Hum speaker, press and hold the Call button for about 3 seconds or until the LED ring around the speaker begins to flash blue.
    Speaker phone button
  3. For the phone you are pairing, go to settings to turn Bluetooth on and search for other Bluetooth devices.
  4. Tap Hum from the search results on the phone.
    Note If prompted for a PIN (passkey), enter 0000.
    Note The flashing blue LED on the speaker turns solid for about 15 seconds to indicate the phone has been paired successfully.


Note For more info, check out these Bluetooth FAQs and Hum FAQs.