Create Auto-Reply to a Sender Code - Enterprise Messaging (EMAG)

Note There cannot be overlapping/conflicting auto-replies. For example: If an auto-reply is already saved to send “During Business Hours”, and you are trying to save an new auto-reply to “Always” be sent, you must first go back and deactivate the initial auto-reply.

  1. Sign in to Enterprise Messaging.
  2. From the left navigation menu hover over 'Web Messages' then click Auto Replies.
    Note To view the navigation menu, click the red tab dotted tab.
    Auto reply
  3. Click the Sender Code dropdown then select the appropriate Sender Code.
    Note Each sender code can only have 5 auto replies.
    Sender code
  4. To set the appropriate business hours:
    1. Click the toggles to establish which days are office days:
      • Green toggle is in-office
      • Black toggle is out-of-office
    2. Click the dropdown times to determine the office-hours’ time for that particular day.
      Business hours
  5. Click New Auto Reply (located at the right).
  6. Enter the auto-reply text message to be sent.
  7. Select when to send the auto-reply then click Save.
    Note Up to five auto-replies are allowed to be saved.
    • Always
    • During Business Hours
    • During Non-Business Hours
    Auto reply