Create Survey - Enterprise Messaging (EMAG)

  1. Sign in to Enterprise Messaging.
  2. From the left navigation menu hover over 'Surveys' then click Create.
    Note To view the navigation menu, click the red tab dotted tab.
    Create Survey
  3. Enter the appropriate information:
    • Title
    • Sender Name
    • Subject of the survey
    • If needed, enter the other information into the 'additional sentence (optional) field.
      Note All information entered into the above fields will auto populate in the text message preview box on the right. Message summary is the first text message sent to the customer. Each subsequent question of the Survey will be sent as a separate text message?
    Create survey
  4. Select the appropriate question type:
    • Multiple choice
    • Open ended
    • True or False
    • Interval Scale
    • Ordinal Scale
    • Ratio Scale
  5. Enter the answers.
    Note Recipient answers the question via reply to the message.
    Note The following image is for informational purpose only.
    Survey question
  6. If additional questions are required, click Add Question then repeat steps 3-5.
  7. To use the survey in future, click Save for Later.
    Note Saved surveys are viewable under the “Manage” screen.
  8. To send the survey now, click Save and Continue.
    1. Select sender id.
      Note Surveys use a separate list of available sender IDs apart from the Web Messenger.
    2. Choose recipients from the address book on the left or manually enter them into the field then click Send.
    3. To schedule a survey for future date:
      1. Enter the start date & time, end date & time and time zone.
      2. Click Schedule.