Install and Configure Verizon Cloud - Android® Smartphone - Prepaid

Check out these FAQs to learn more about Verizon Cloud.

Note Notes:

  • Ensure your Verizon Cloud app is up to date as the steps below apply to the most recent version.
  • To transfer content directly from one device to the other refer to Access Content Transfer App for assistance.
  • Contacts are automatically restored to the device during the installation and configuration process.
  • Having a memory card in the device may be required for Verizon Cloud to work.


  1. Tap Get Started.
  2. Select Contacts then tap Next (located in upper-right).
    Note Selected when a check mark is present.
    Tap Next
  3. Select an email address then tap Next (located in upper-right).
    Note Selected when a dot is present.
    Tap Next