Change Device Operating Mode to LAN - VZAccess Manager - Pantech UML290 4G USB Modem

Note To use your USB modem with Windows 10, you need to:

  • ensure VZAccess Manager version (2822b) is installed.
    Note The appropriate version is located under the Windows 8.1 32/64-bit column for the Pantech UML290.
  • ensure the Device operating mode is set to LAN Adapter (see instructions below).


  1. Ensure your USB modem is connected to the computer then open the VZAccess Manager app.
    Note From the Windows desktop, navigate: Start menu icon Start menu icon > VZAccess Manager.
    Note Allow several seconds for VZAccess Manager to detect the modem.
  2. From the top menu, navigate: Options > Preferences.
  3. From the left-pane, ensure Connect is selected.
  4. From the Connectivity options section, click the Device operating mode dropdown then select LAN Adapter.
    Device operating mode with LAN Adapter
  5. Click OK (located at the bottom).
  6. When prompted, click YES to continue.
    Note Allow several minutes for the mode switch, modem reboot and detection processes to complete.
  7. When prompted to close, click OK to confirm.
    Device operating mode confirmation with OK
  8. Open the VZAccess Manager app to verify the modem is operating in LAN Adapter mode then establish a connection to the Internet.