GizmoTab™ - Common Camera Settings

Note Notes:

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Camera icon Camera icon (located at the bottom).
  2. Select an option:
    Select a Camera Option

Shutter (photo and video)

Select a camera option:

  • Tap the Camera icon to take a picture.
    Camera icon
  • Tap the Video icon to record a video,
    video icon


Mode Selection

  1. Tap the Mode icon.
    Mode icon
  2. Select an option:
    • Automatic
    • HDR
    • Smile
    • Panorama
    • Color effect
    • Picture size


Countdown timer

  1. Tap the Timer icon.
    Timer icon
  2. Select an option:
    • Off
    • 3 sec
    • 10 sec


Camera Switch

  1. Tap the Switch Camera icon to select the front or rear camera.
    Switch Camera icon
  2. If applicable, adjust the flash setting.
    Note Camera flash can only be adjusted when front-facing camera is selected.
    • On
      Flash on icon
    • Off
      Flash off icon



  1. From the main camera screen, tap the Settings icon.
    Settings icon
  2. Select a setting to adjust:


Camera Settings

  1. Tap the Camera Settings icon.
    Camera settings icon
  2. Tap the Dropdown icon(s) dropdown menu to adjust the following settings as preferred.
    • Picture size
    • Picture quality
    • ISO
    • Exposure
    • Face Detection
  3. Tap the Face Detection switch to turn on On switch or off Off switch.

Return to Settings

Video Settings

  1. Tap the Video Settings icon.
    video settings
  2. Tap the Dropdown menu icon dropdown menu then select an option:
    • HD 1080P
    • HD 720P
    • SD 480P

Return to Settings

General Settings

  1. Tap the General Settings icon.
    General Settings icon
  2. Tap the following switche(s) to turn on On switch or off Off switch.
    • GPS Location
    • Shutter Sound
    • Grid Line
    • Picture Playback
  3. Tap the following Dropdown menu icon(s) Dropdown menu to configure as preferred.
    • White Balance
    • Anti Banding
    • Storage
      • Internal
      • SD card
  4. If preferred, to reset camera to default settings:
    1. Tap Reset Settings.
    2. Tap YES, RESET NOW.

Return to Settings