Download and Install Verizon Security & Privacy - Android®

Note For optimal performance, it's recommended to turn off Wi-Fi.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon > Play Store.
    Note If presented, review the PlayTM Store Terms of Service then tap Accept to continue.
  2. In the search field, enter Verizon Support and Privacy.
    Enter Verizon Support & Privacy
  3. Tap Verizon Security & Privacy.
    Tap Verizon Security & Privacy
  4. Tap Install.
    This means the app is already on your device. You can tap this button to open the app.
    This means the app is on your device, but it has been disabled. Tap this button to enable the app, and then tap OPEN to open the app.
    This means the app isn’t currently on your device and needs to be downloaded. Tap this button and then tap ACCEPT to begin downloading. Once the app has finished installing, tap OPEN to open the app.
    Tap Install
  5. If prompted, tap Accept.
    Tap Accept
  6. Tap Open.
    Tap Open
  7. To proceed, read the Verizon Security & Privacy Terms and Conditions then tap Continue.
    Tap Continue
  8. If prompted, tap Continue (located at the bottom).
    Tap Continue
  9. If prompted, tap Allow to give permission to access the following items:
    • To make and manage phone calls
    • To send and view SMS messages
    • To access photos, media and files
    Tap allow
  10. If prompted, select a protection plan then tap Continue.
    • Continue protecting this device (free)
    • All Devices ($6.99 per month)
    • All Devices 60 Day Free Trial ($0.00)
    Tap Continue