Verizon Ellipsis® 10 HD - Remove SIM Card

Instructions on inserting/removing your SIM can help with activation issues/errors, browser connection problems and a blank/frozen screen.

Caution Don't attempt to remove the SIM card while the device is powered on. Doing so may harm the SIM card and/or the device.

  1. Ensure the device is powered off.
  2. From the upper-right edge of the device (display facing down), open the SIM/SD card cover.
    Note Carefully lift then rotate the cover away from the card slots.
    Open SIM/SD card cover
  3. Remove the SIM tray.
    Note Utilize notch on the tray to slide it out.
    Note If applicable, refer to Insert SIM Card.
    Remove SIM tray
  4. Close the SIM/SD card cover.

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