LG G6™ - Set Up Fingerprint Recognition

Note Notes:

  • A fingerprint is utilized to unlock the device.
  • For the fingerprint scanner to operate, hands must be clean and free of moisture, dirt, oil, lotion, dyes, etc.
  • Up to four fingerprints can be registered on the device.


  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings icon > Lock screen & security Lock screen & security.
    Note These instructions apply to Home mode only.
  2. Tap Fingerprints.
  3. If presented, select a lock screen option (e.g., pattern, PIN, password). 
    Note Refer to Set Up Screen Lock for assistance.
  4. At the 'Unlock your phone with your fingerprint' screen, tap NEXT.
    Note If necessary, enter your current PIN, pattern or password then tap OK.
  5. Follow the onscreen demo to add your fingerprint. Place your finger on the Home button (on the back of the device), lift it slightly then place a different part of your finger on the Home button.
    Note Repeat this process as necessary until the 'Fingerprint added' screen appears.
  6. Tap OK (lower-right).
  7. Tap any of the following to turn on On switch icon or off Off switch icon:
    • Screen lock: Unlock screen with your fingerprint.
    • Content lock: Show locked content in Gallery and QuickMemo+ with your fingerprint.


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