Samsung Galaxy Book - Activate / Set Up Device

Note If performing first time (out-of-the-box) setup, ensure the SIM card is inserted.

  1. If powered off, press the Power button.
    Power button
  2. From the 'Let's start with region. Is this right' screen; tap Yes (lower-right) for United States.
  3. From the 'Is this the right keyboard layout?' screen, tap Yes for US.
  4. Tap Skip to add a second keyboard layout.
  5. From the 'Let's connect you to a network' screen, select the preferred network (e.g., Mobile broadband, Wi-Fi).
    Note If prompted, enter the network security key then select Next.
  6. To continue, from the 'Here's the Licence Agreement' view info then tap Accept.
  7. From the 'Who's going to use this PC?' screen enter your info then tap Next.
  8. Create a password and confirm your password then tap Next.
    Note Enter a hint for your password then tap Next.
  9. From the 'Meet Cortana' screen, select No.
    Note To set up Cortana at a later time, go to Set Up Cortana.
  10. Choose privacy settings for your device. Read through settings and adjust as desired then tap Accept.