SmartHub with Voice - View Network Name and Password

This may help if you're having issues connecting to Wi-Fi.

  • Wi-Fi Network Name / SSID
    • The name that identifies the wireless network.
  • Wi-Fi Password
    • The password that is needed to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Admin Password
    • The password that is needed to access the Administration Web Interface and make changes to default Wi-Fi settings.

  1. From the SmartHub display, tap the Navigation bar to activate the screen.
    Note Use the arrows to cycle through screens and the Circle icon Circular select icon in the center to select.
    SmartHub navigation bar
  2. From SmartHub home screen, press the right arrow once to view the network name (SSID) and WiFi password.
    Note The default admin password for the SmartHub with Voice is the wifi password.
    Note To view the default network password:
    1. Place the network router face down on a flat surface.
    2. Press the Door release botton to release the bottom cover.
    3. View the default network password on the Product label on the back of the bottom cover.
    SmartHub display Wi-Fi credentials

Note Notes:

  • The SSID and Wi-Fi password printed on the external label are the default settings. If these settings are changed, the current settings can be viewed via the display.
  • If the Admin password is changed and forgotten, restore the device to factory default settings and connect using the credentials printed on the external label.
  • You can also view the Wi-Fi name and password from the Network module in the Admin Web Interface.

Note For additional info, check out these SmartHub & Verizon Home FAQs.